How To Style Waist Trainers Over and Under Your Clothes

Have you ever wondered how to style #waisttrainers on top of and underneath your clothes? If you are interested in waist training, you might be confused as to how to style a waist trainer. Thankfully, there are cute and comfortable clothing choices that can be worn while wearing your waist trainers! If you're wondering how to look good while wearing your waist trainer, this article is for you!

Waist trainers are often worn under clothes, as they are meant to cinch the waist and compress the stomach. This keeps your torso looking smooth, adding an enhanced figure to your silhouette. How do you wear a waist trainer over your clothes? It's simple, really! We will show you how to style a waist trainer over and under your clothes.

Best Waist Trainers

Under Your Clothes

  • Under Your Jeans

Feel supported and smoothed out even in casual clothes by wearing a comfortable and breathable waist trainer that enhances your shape.

Waist trainer

  • Under A Dress

Define your curves under your favorite dress. Most women wear a waist trainer or a waist cincher when attending weddings or special events, but now, more and more women feel empowered when they look and feel sculpted while wearing any type of dress.

Waist cincher Under A Dress

  • Under Your Workout Wear

Did you know that wearing a waist trainer during light workouts helps support your back and posture? Just make sure you choose a waist trainer that is breathable and stays in place like the Shapermint Essentials Smooth Waist Trainer.

Waist Trainer

Over Your Clothes

  • Over A Top

Spice up your casual look by wearing your waist trainers over shirts, button-down tops, and turtlenecks. Style this look with your favorite pants and pointed heels and you’re all set!

Waist Trainer Over A Top

  • Over A Dress

Is your dress looking plain and a bit boring? Add a kick to your look by wearing your waist trainers over a midi or maxi dress, or even over your oversized shirt, and pair it with thigh-high boots.

Waist Trainer Over A Dress

  • As Your Costume

Costume parties are not just for Halloween. Whether you’re attending a medieval or pirate-themed office party and want to accentuate your figure, wearing a waist trainer is the cherry on top.

Waist Trainer As Your Costume

Yes, waist trainers work. And yes, you can wear and style them with your own clothes and create several looks for several occasions.

We’d love to see how you style your waist trainers. Connect with us on social @Shapermint and tag us on your photos!