National Love Your Pet Day

Pet lovers rejoice! It’s National Love Your Pet Day.

ICYMI, National Love Your Pet Day is observed every 20th of February. It is a special day when we celebrate extra love and affection towards our pets. With most US households having at least one pet, this celebration is undeniably full of fun and love.

Take note, this day is not just limited to our pet cats and dogs. Some people prefer reptiles, fish, birds, rabbits, rats, and turtles as their companions, so whoever you choose, you can definitely enjoy this good time with your pets.

Cute dog with glasses

Why are pets important?

Owning a pet has many health benefits. They act as a stress reliever and they even help us manage our loneliness through their companionship. And since we often walk our pets or take them outside for playtime, these activities also help pet owners to exercise and socialize, which helps lower blood pressure.

Hugging pets

Here’s how you can celebrate National Love Your Pet Day.

  • 1. Throw a mini-party and serve their fave treats.
  • 2. Play dress up, take a selfie, and use #NationalLoveYourPetDay on your posts.
  • 3. Treat them to a pet spa.
  • 4. Visit a vet and check if their vaccines are up to date.
  • 5. Take them for extra long walks or extend your playtime.
  • 6. Gift them new toys.
  • 7. Show off their learned tricks.
  • 8. Donate to pet charities.
  • 9. Cuddle. More cuddle.

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