How To Shape A Sustainable Lifestyle

Many of us have been hearing about people making a shift in their lifestyles. From the usual day-to-day living to a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. As we celebrate Earth Day, let’s learn more about how we can make positive changes to the environment.

What is sustainable living?

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that aims to reduce the use of the Earth’s natural resources. Simply, it’s making a conscious effort to choose the things that would positively impact the planet by reducing our carbon footprint.

Here are 5 easy ways to shape a sustainable lifestyle:

1. Save Energy

Start at home by simply switching off the lights when not in use, or opt for energy-saving light bulbs. You can reduce carbon emissions by using alternative ways such as handwashing and hanging your clothes instead of using washing machines and dryers.

Light switch off

2. Ditch Plastic

Let go of one-time-use plastic and switch to washable metal straws, insulated water bottles, and eco bags for grocery shopping.

Eco Bag

3. Grow Your Own Produce

Instead of buying, you can plant herbs, fruits, and vegetables in your own home. You don’t need a full bloom garden, small pots would do. You save on your budget and you’ll become healthier too.

Indoor pots herbs

4. Walk

With the increasing demand and price of gas, you can start walking on short distant trips. Less fuel consumption, less pollution plus a healthier you. Win-win!

Shapermint leggings black

5. Invest In Versatile and Better Quality Clothing That Lasts Longer

Clothing has a huge environmental impact too. Owning versatile and quality pieces like leggings, camis, and bras allows you to use your other pieces of clothing too instead of buying new ones.

Shapermint cami white

Don’t be too overwhelmed by the shifting into a sustainable lifestyle. You can start small until it becomes second nature.

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