How to Shape a Happy Workspace

Feeling less motivated to take on that new project? It’s likely you cannot focus on your work because your workspace lacks the accessibility and organization you need to be productive. Studies show that an organized workspace has several psychological benefits such as increased productivity, better focus, reduced stress, and better sleep. We’re here to help you refresh and organize your workspace so you can focus on reaching your goals.

Transform your uninspired workspace into a happy workspace using these tips:

1. Declutter

Put away the things that aren’t supposed to be in your workspace. Are your car keys, money, bag, and used pens taking up space on your desk? Then put them where they belong and only keep the stuff that’s necessary for your work.

You can also put a trash bin beside your desk so you can easily throw away pens that no longer work, bent paper clips, or outdated documents.

Declutter workspace

2. Organize

Make use of shelves or filing cabinets and have a designated spot for your things. Keep those that you often use within your reach.

If you’re into baskets, bins or other organizational items that might hide or conceal your office tools, try labeling or color-coding them.

Organize your workspace

3. Disinfect

Did you know that you can find thousands of bacteria on your keyboard? We spend hours in our workspace and the threat of spreading germs is always there, so it’s important to practice disinfecting our desk and workspace as often as you can.

Disinfect desk and workspace

4. Be inspired

As much as we want to practice minimalism, it wouldn’t hurt to put at least one thing within your sight that sparks inspiration. It can be a photo of a loved one or your pet, a tabletop succulent, or a small essential oil diffuser that’ll keep you relaxed.

Inspired workspace

Remember, a clean space = a clear mind. And a happy workspace = better work performance.

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