How To Shape: How to Set Healthy Boundaries

How do you protect yourself from stress, anxiety, and physical and emotional pain? The answer is through setting healthy boundaries. Creating a healthy boundary empowers you to practice self-respect and achieve inner peace.

Healthy boundaries = self-care

It is more than saying “no” and having your personal space. When you set healthy boundaries, you are creating this understanding with other people to respect your values, your needs, and your opinions.

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

1. Set boundaries early

Timing is important so setting expectations from the very beginning would be a whole lot easier because people would know where they stand. If they know, then they’ll be cautious of their actions towards you and that can prevent uncomfortable and awkward conversations or events.

People shaking hands

2. Take baby steps

You can start with small “rules” to avoid overwhelming yourself and other people. It will also give you the opportunity to assess whether you are heading in the right direction and then you can slowly add more once you’ve established the basics.

Take baby steps

3. Consistency is key

You have to show accountability for the boundaries you set, otherwise, people can get confused may take your message the wrong way which may cause tension or misunderstanding.

Consistency is key

4. Communicate

We know that it can be hard to blatantly say “no”. But for you to avoid guilt or discomfort when setting a healthy boundary, you have to learn how to communicate your thoughts without being defensive or confrontational. Gestures alone won’t be enough, so much better if you can be vocal about it, and for you to be clear with the message you want to convey.


5. Recognize other’s boundaries

Yes, it’s a two-way street. You also have to take on a different perspective so you can also protect yourself from getting hurt when you receive a “no”. Take it as a learning opportunity because you can eventually add some other people’s practice to yours.

Communicate two people taking

Setting a healthy boundary does not only eliminate the toxic people that surround you. It also allows you to confidently make healthy choices and take responsibility for yourself.

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