How to Celebrate National Women’s Health And Fitness Day

It's National Women’s Health And Fitness Day! Now there's no reason to postpone making a trip to a spa or getting that tennis lesson you've wanted to sign up for. You could also use this opportunity to practice self-care by giving yourself time for a bubble bath or enjoying a couple of hours of meditation with your favorite flowers. Whatever you decide to do, just be sure not to put it off any longer.

What is National Women’s Health And Fitness Day?

Observed every last Wednesday of September, the goal of National Women’s Health And Fitness Day is to promote the importance of health awareness and fitness for women of all ages.

National Women’s Health And Fitness Day

5 Ways to Celebrate National Women’s Health And Fitness Day

All facets of our lives—including the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and intellectual—are covered by our state of health. Here are a few things you can do to celebrate.

1. Block a time to relax

Relaxation is vital to everyone’s health. While building a home and working on advancing a career, women tend to find it hard to relax. We know a few ways to help you relax at home with this The Home Spa Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed.

Block a time to relax

2. Have a restful sleep

Often taken for granted, sleep is the best way to keep our minds and bodies recharged. With all the things going on in our everyday life, others may find it hard to get a restful sleep. Here’s How To Actually Get A Good Night’s Sleep.

Have a restful sleep

3. Make a doctor's appointment

We know that taking a trip to a hospital or clinic isn’t always our priority especially if we are not feeling sick. Having regular check-ups can actually help prevent any sickness from getting worse.

Here are a few facts about women’s health to help you consider booking a doctor’s appointment today.

  • Women are more likely than men to suffer from asthma.
  • In the United States, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer.
  • The likelihood of depression among Americans is twice as high for women as for men.

Make a doctor's appointment

4. Attend a seminar on health

On this day, encourage a friend or a family member to attend a seminar on how you can live a healthier life. Awareness and knowledge are key, and you can achieve this by supporting and attending seminars.

Attend a seminar on health

5. Find a new fitness activity to do with your friends

Discovering new ways to get healthy is more fun with friends. You and your squad can enroll in dance and spin classes, or explore the outdoors by hiking.

Fitness activity to do with your friends

You don’t have to run a 5k marathon or sign up for expensive diet meal deliveries to celebrate this day. Starting small and making conscious efforts day to day makes a huge difference.

What other tips do you have to celebrate this day? Let us know in the comments or tag us on your celebration photos @shapermint.