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This post is part of Shapermint’s #WhatSheTaughtMe Mother’s Month campaign, tributing mother figures’ wisdom. How did your own mom shape the self-image you have today? Share with #WhatSheTaughtMe on social media - we’ll be donating $1 to for every story shared during May.

Since launching the campaign, we’ve seen hundreds of #WhatSheTaughtMe posts pop up all over social media - and we’re thrilled to see such an incredible response! Every post highlights a unique story: wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation, new values that are breaking cycles, virtues that have been instilled in young daughters, and strengths that developed from being a mother.

Today, we’re featuring a few of the posts that are taking the internet by storm. Check them out below!


Sarah Tripp

“... my mom taught me to be kind to others, give service freely, and always try my best. she taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to, which has given me so much confidence to accomplish my goals. I hope to take these lessons and pass them on as I become a mother to our little one!”

Sarah Tripp of



“There are 3 main things I hope I am able to teach my daughter that my own mother instilled in me when I was young. That she never loses her unique spirit and light, that she is quick to realize that the greatest love of her life is herself, and that she treats others with compassion - especially those less fortunate than she is.”

Ali Fedotowsky



“Of all the lessons my mom has taught me, being a strong, independent woman who stops at nothing to accomplish her dreams, is the one I hope to pass onto my daughter the most.”

Tanesha Awasthi of



“What has my mom taught me? To be confident. Confidence is something my mom has taught me and my three sisters growing up, and it has stuck with us! It is now something that I teach my daughters at an early age, so it sticks with them too!”

Emily Jackson



“Being a mother has taught me a lot but one of the most important things it has taught me is to not sweat the small stuff. At first I would get so upset about the colors on the wall, spilled drinks on the furniture, the picky eating but now I breathe through it. Understanding that seasons are temporary and this too shall pass.”

Ashley of


Maddy Gutierrez

“My mom has always been an example to me. Shown me how to be fiercely independent, strong and opinionated and to trust my gut in all things.”

Maddy of



“My mom. She taught me to thank my body for the things it allows me to do. To be grateful for every part of it - like my feet for taking me places, my knees for helping me pick myself up, and my hands for allowing me to create whatever it is I feel like creating. She taught me to take care of my body, and that this may look different from one stage of life to the next. She taught me how to love myself. She taught me how to take care of myself.”

Hannah of



“She’s selfless, during my college years she sold her car just so I could attend an expensive school. She helped me pay my rent when I was BROKE. When I had my first heartbreak in college I remember calling her crying, I couldn’t speak, she just let me cry on the phone. But that’s my mom, an amazing teacher, a remarkable woman and an even more amazing mom! I hope I can be half as good of a mom to India as my mom is to me.”

Autum of

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