How Shapermint Gal Jacqueline Eases Her Chronic Pain

When you’re struggling with illness or pain, do you ever hear the following advice?

“If you’d just take care of yourself, you’ll feel a lot better.”

If so, you’ve got plenty of company.

We’re taught as women to take care of others before we take care of ourselves, yet when we drop the ball on eating a healthy diet or exercising or even getting to the salon, we’re often shamed or blamed.

But so many of us are reluctant to put self-care first, out of fear of being called selfish.

Let’s flip the script on what “self-care” means.

Shapermint Gal Jacqueline, who’s deep into self-care because of her chronic pains, says that self-care isn’t just about sticking with a healthy diet or going to the gym.

“Self-care is not only external,” Jacqueline says. “But self care is definitely internal. Taking care of your mind...taking care of your soul, your spirit...once, I think, you have that down...then it'll come out externally.”

Jacqueline had to learn a few gentle, simple approaches to care for herself so she has the clarity and strength to face the world with confidence.

Watch this video to hear how Jacqueline has redefined self-care for herself, and what she does to ease her chronic pain.

When you adopt small rituals to add moments of self-care into your life, you’ll bring out a beauty that’s all your own and share it with the world.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jacqueline! Shine on!

Video Transcript:

My name is Jacqueline farmer and I'm originally from Brooklyn New York.

I really try not to think too much about my body. I think more about my character and what I can offer to the world––not so much my body. I really––I really try not to think about that.

Self care is not only external but self care is definitely internal. Taking care of your mind. Taking care of your soul, your spirit. Once I think you have that down pat then it'll come out externally. You have to take care with first then everything will come out. Your glow will come out. You have to be happy within your heart and in your brain. Once that is fulfilled I'm satisfied. I think the external part will come out.

I do yoga. I do a lot of meditation and I do it every night before I go to bed in the morning I do a deep breathing meditation just to kind of cleanse whatever negativity that's been hanging over me. I do like a deep breathing for about five minutes in the morning and that's really it. That's what it's basic. It's simple doesn't cost a lot of money.

I suffer from chronic pain and nothing works. So when I took yoga I noticed with the breathing and deep meditation and. It really it really helped ease a lot of my pain a lot of the tension I had around my neck. And just like in me it really changed my life and I'm really thankful.

I keep reassuring myself that I'm smart that I'm beautiful that I'm strong. That's what I do every day.