Shapewear Styles Should Fit And Feel

Shapewear can fit and feel completely different from regular underwear – it’s their shaping superpower! With so many different shapewear brands, styles, and sizes available at Shapermint, it can be a bit daunting to know if you’ve found the “one”.

Need help finding your perfect fit? Here are a few things to consider before you buy, or decide to make use of your unlimited free exchanges.

Your shaper should feel comfy and smooth, but not too restricting. You may need to go up a size, or swap to a different style if you find it’s squeezing you out. Need more or less compression? There’s a shaper for that!


Panties are popular, and with the right fit, 67% of our customers will order a second round of shaper panties within 15 days, with up to 6 pairs owned by women on average. Go for mid-waisted or high-waisted shapers with pants and jeans to avoid VPL and tuck-in shirts to get a seamless look under sweaters.

True story: 83% of customers who experience roll-down solve the issue by getting a different size.


Shaping shorts are your secret weapon under figure-flattering dresses to accentuate your curves. High-waisted shorts give you a sculpted waist, and their knee-length create that lean look we all love. While boyshorts offer a perky-bum and smooth hips, with the right fit, 71% of our customers will order a second round of shaper shorts within 15 days.

Did you know? 93% of our 3 million customers wear shapewear during bloaty days.


Forget unsupportive cami tops! Wear your shaper cami with or without a bra -- it gives the ‘girls’ a little boost, too. Adjust the shoulder straps for a perfect fit without digging in. And since it's an everyday essential, make sure you have an extra one for the inevitable laundry day -- it’s such a comfy fit, 73% of Shapermint gals will order a second round of shaper camis within 15 days.

PRO TIP: The easiest way to put the cami on is to step into it instead of pulling it over your head.


We handpicked the best bras for comfort, support, and uplift, in sizes from pert to big to bouncy. Go for a seamless look behind your favorite tops, or wear as-is under peek-a-boo tanks for a sportier style. Comfort never looked -and worked- so good. Think of a shaper bra as a cute little top that comes powered with fantastic support. Try any of these bras, wear it for a day - feel like you could sleep in it? Then you know you’ve got the right fit!


The fit is everything! Bodysuits should feel supportive AND comfortable so that at times, you can completely forget you're even wearing shapewear. Get the look – go for hip-hugging, thigh-length, dress cuts or slip into one offering full-body coverage to feel like Catwoman under your clothes. The coolest thing with most bodysuits is that they can even be worn as-is tucked under pants or a skirt for a seamless style. Talk about a wardrobe staple!

PRO TIP: For a customizable and stay-put fit, choose bodysuits that have adjustable shoulder straps. Or, opt for 'wear it with your own bra' bodysuits to give your 'girls’ a little extra comfort.


From luxe leggings to seasonal leggings, and everyday wear leggings, we have a pair to match any moment and mood. Your perfect fit will be the right length, stay put all day and give you an extra spring in your step. Wear your leggings for a workout, to the office or out on the town. Leggings are ideal for layering and lounging, and look super-cute under a baggy tee or a cozy sweater! Leggings are popular, and with the right fit, 82% of Shapermint Gals will order a second round of shaper leggings within 15 days.

How to care for your shapewear

Look after your shapewear, and it'll take good care of you! We recommend hand-washing, but if you’re short on time, machine wash cold, or better yet, use a mesh laundry bag to keep them protected. Don’t use the dryer, unless you enjoy shrink-wrap clothes.