Happy Birthday To Shapermint

Surprised? You betcha! We feel we’ve been around forever as well - and trust us, this super intense year has been the rollercoaster ride of our lives.

When we first set out to create Shapermint yes, we had big dreams. But when we take a moment to remember we’ve gone from 0 to 1,545,927 customers (yes, we counted) and 21,472,453 online shoppers visiting our store in just a year - well, we feel like toddlers watching a train go by for the very first time. Mind. Blown.

We set out to create Shapermint to build a movement where women aren’t embarrassed to use shapewear and feel empowered to live up to their full potential.

Despite shapewear’s bad rep, thanks to you we actually managed to CHANGE the conversation around shapewear. At the moment, 48% of our #ShapermintGals have never tried shapewear before.

Today, 93 styles from 9 different brands delivered to 15 different countries later, we know we aren’t alone.

Happy Birthday, Revolution!

The world finally knows what we’ve always known: that shapewear isn’t used as a means to hide our bodies, but as an item that lets us flaunt what we’ve got - and feel super confident while doing so.

We knew we were hitting a nerve. We knew most women would have our back. We knew we’d get a hard time from social media comments. We knew we would get somewhere.

(And for those tired of purchasing subpar shapewear priced as if it were the cat’s pajamas, we set out a simple rule: every item with less than 3 stars in the reviews would get scrapped off the site. We still keep it today!)

What we didn’t know was that we’d end up creating and entire community that would go beyond shapewear lovers and turn into this movement that’s unabashedly empowering women worldwide. Even if we have to tell them they don’t NEED shapewear!

#ThisIsMyTruth, our fave campaign to date.

Better Together

Today, we are actually part of a community of 1.5 million women - women who stand up for each other, build each other up and make us feel a lot less alone in our small corner of the world. We found a group of people that likes to talk about the same issues we do. Women who are strong, powerful, smart, funny, independent and, overall, a treat to be around.

And, sometimes, we also ask them to be in our campaigns ;-)

And, together, we also make other women happy - like when we all banded together to donate a percentage of our proceeds to California-based organization Help a Mother Out, which provides diapers to mothers in need.

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And It’s All Thanks to You

You make us grateful that we are part of that select few people in the world who 100% love their jobs. You’d love yours too if it implied empowering women and making them happy, each and every single day.

So thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for placing your trust in this brand-new site, brand-new store, brand-new marketplace that just popped out of nowhere and promised a revolution - a revolution that you’ve made your own. Thank you for understanding us. Thank you for sticking up for us.

But, most of all, thank you for being unafraid to speak your mind. The world needs this more than it needs us.

So happy birthday to us - and to you! Let’s hope for another super intense year of making a difference, together ❤