Shapewear Code

Here at Shapermint, we believe in empowering women above all else. Shapewear is not something you use to hide, disguise or “correct” your body - you wear it to enhance, flaunt, and enable yourself to wear whichever outfit you want… whenever you want!

And since we’re already at 2 million #ShapermintGals and growing strong, we couldn’t help but wonder: what do we all have in common apart from shapewear? What makes all of us unique? What is being a Shapermint Gal really about?

Shapewear wearers have been accused of many things in the past. But changing the conversation around shapewear also means focusing on what makes us GREAT and what we have in COMMON. That’s how we came up with the Shapewear Code: a small set of 5 traits we find across all Shapermint Gals. Let us all pledge to follow them to keep our community alive and well. It’s time to show the world what truly makes us awesome.

We based our code off this great quote: “Be the woman who fixes another woman's crown without telling the world it was crooked.” Let’s all be that woman for each other.

Here is the code we, as Shapermint Gals, pledge to follow:

Shapewear Code Rule 1: The Control Principle

We wear shapewear because we CHOOSE to, not because we need to.

We believe that every woman has the right to choose to wear anything that enhances her appearance, like shapewear or makeup. Why does she do it? Because she feels like it. End. Of. Story. So whether you’re looking for an extra oomph of confidence or just want to forget about your hangups on a so-not-awesome day, wear whatever you want LOUD and PROUD - we all know you look gorgeous with and without.

Shapewear Code Rule 2: The Self-Sufficient Paradox

We wear shapewear to feel more confident, not to gain the approval of others.

We, as Shapermint Gals, pledge to wear whatever we want FOR OURSELVES and not to please anyone else. We are in charge. We know that the only way to take care of others is to first take care of ourselves. We are big on self-care. We do NOT want to fit into someone else’s ideal body standard. And if someone doesn’t understand that - good riddance. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Shapewear Code Rule 3: The Crown-Fixing Corollary

We who wear shapewear lift each other up and take care of each other.

This is something we’ve proudly seen over and over again in the comments section of our ads. Brave, shapewear users who rise to the occasion and defend their fellow sisters from cruel, mean-spirited people. Helpful Shapermint Gals who are quick to offer suggestions on outfit ideas. Women who are strong enough to carry each other on their shoulders - and are there for those who need a hug. This is what sets us apart. Let’s keep this trend going forever!

Shapewear Code Rule 4: The Manifesto

Start a revolution of proud shapewear sisters.

The more women we can get to follow this code, the more it will spread! So tag posts with #ShapewearCode whenever you’re taking action on one of these: spreading the word, doing something to make yourself feel good, standing up for yourself and other women, refusing to act for someone else’s approval. Let’s keep this movement growing! Women have been portrayed as enemies and rivals in the media for far too long. It’s time to prove everyone wrong ❤

Shapewear Code Rule 5: The Be Smooth Law

Much like your favorite bra, we who wear shapewear support ALL women.

All races, all body types, all sizes, all ages. Judging each other based on things we can’t control (skin color, body type and size, age) will only divide the world further. We want to bring us closer together. So when you have the opportunity to embrace someone who is different from you, take it proudly! At Shapermint, we strive to show women from all walks of life. Help us by being respectful to every single woman you encounter in your shaper adventures, no matter what.

Are you living by the Shapewear Code? Tag your posts with #ShapewearCode and #Shapermint - we’d love to see how you’re using shapewear to kick ass and take names. And when in doubt, always remember: spread the love!