Empowering A Community Where Equality Thrives

Over the last century, women have struggled to achieve equal rights. Today, we commemorate the 1920 adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Consitution, giving women the right to vote.

Looking Back To How It Started

Women's Equality Day represents the height of years of nonviolent protests by women seeking equal opportunities and social positions.

Following the nationwide "strike for equality" demonstration organized by women to honor the 50th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, Congresswoman Bella Abzug of the United States presented a bill in 1971 designating August 26 as Women's Equality Day. The day was officially declared Women's Equality Day on August 26 in 1973 by the US Congress and Richard Nixon, the 37th US President.

What Does Women Empowerment Mean To Us

It is a movement that we are committed to, standing with the world in empowering and uplifting women from all backgrounds. We’ve built a community of supportive and encouraging movers & shapers to inspire more women to celebrate their journey into self-love.

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How to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

  • Express gratitude to women in your life

It’s the perfect time to honor the hard work of the resilient women that surround us. Give thanks to your mom, grandmother, sisters, cousins, friends, and workmates through a simple message or greeting this Women’s Equality Day.

  • Support women-owned businesses

Support and promote women-owned businesses. It’s a small way for us to empower one another during this historic time. You can use Women Owned Business Directory to locate the nearest women-owned business in your area.

  • Register to vote

For decades, women and their supporters struggled for the right to vote. Make sure you're registered to vote in your town as a way to contribute to honoring their sacrifices.

Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women. - Maya Angelou

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