Empower Yourself and Follow Your Dreams

Everywhere women look ––on TV, in ads, in social media––there are reminders of how far we are from achieving perfection.

As women, we’ve been taught that the only way we’ll succeed or be happy in a perfection-obsessed world is to play the roles assigned to us, and give Oscar-worthy performances. We’re told not to make waves--to please others by looking the way they want us to look and act the way they want us to act.

Be smart, but not so smart you’ll intimidate people.

Be athletic, but don’t get too muscular.

Lose weight, but don’t obsess over your diet.

Negotiate for better pay, but don’t be too assertive.

Is it any surprise many of us go through the world second-guessing our every move?
We’re so worried about the disapproval of others that we dim ourselves when we’re meant to shine.

To heck with that!!!

Lady, your life doesn’t belong to anyone other than you. You’re the one calling the shots, so why not empower yourself with the confidence to ignore what others say and pursue your passion?

As you’ll discover in the following video from Shapermint Gal Khara Campbell, empowering yourself isn’t about appealing to the expectations of others--it’s about being yourself and following your dreams without apology.

When you love the person you are and let go of the person others want you to be, you’ll be able to give so much more to the world.

Thanks for your wonderful words, Khara! Stay fabulous!