Shapermint TV: Challenge on! The five-minute makeover

Makeup, or no makeup? Where do you stand?

For most of us, it’s somewhere in between. But usually, we don’t have the skills or think we have the time to create a look we can be proud of.

Or, if you’re like Alexis, perhaps you’re not into makeup at all, preferring to go au naturel.

Whether you wear makeup, or not, it’s really a choice every woman makes to feel her best.

What if we told you it was possible to get a natural look in under five minutes?

That’s exactly what this ShaperMint TV episode is all about.

Start the clock!

When anti-makeup gal, Alexis, met makeup stylist Candace, she was challenged to replicate a five-minute look Candace created on one side of her face.

Candace, makeup artist extraordinaire, believes makeup is an art form and says, “being able to create art on people is like creating a walking masterpiece.”

“Blend, blend, blend, blend. Don’t look like a crazy person” begs Alexis during her five-minute challenge.

Haven’t we all thought that, while manically dabbing foundation across our face in a feigned attempt to create an even skin tone?

Well, in this video, Candace makes it look as easy as 1,2,3.

The result?

Alexis went from “I don’t recognize myself when I wear makeup” to “makeup is absolutely empowering” in under five minutes.

Want to create your five-minute face? Watch and learn how.