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Don’t you love that moment when you realize celebrities are humans too? Well, one of those priceless moments is when their shapewear peeks out from under their outfit. But, is that something to be ashamed of? Or criticized? We don’t think so!

Getting a glimpse of the types of shapewear they use with different outfits can give us some much-needed insight into what shapewear is best and with what kind of clothes we can also wear them. Plus, it’s always great to know we’re not alone. Celebrities join the #Shapermint Movement too! Here are our latest members from around the web ;-)

Shapewear Isn't Only For The Red Carpet

Celebrity Sarah Hyland
Sarah Hyland admits that she doesn't leave her house without wearing shapewear. In an interview, she said that over 90% of women wear some type of shapewear, but they are embarrassed to admit the truth. Honestly, what is wrong with a simple garment that makes us more confident? Loud and proud, Sarah, loud and proud!

Allison Williams wears them almost every day. She loves the fact that they have a little control top that keeps that tummy exactly where it should be, out of sight and out of mind. Even she has tummy issues she needs to smooth out.

Robin Wright said she has body shapers on 24/7. Come on girls, there is nothing wrong with wearing our shapewear all the time - especially if it gives us that extra va-va-voom that we LOVE each day.

Celebrity Style Tips

Celebrity Kim Kardashian*Stand up* Kim Kardashian, the queen of shapewear *Sits down* recently shared a little shapewear secret that blew us away: she actually wears two sets of shapewear, one on top of the other. She even suggests wearing the shorter shaper first and layering it with the longer one, even though it’s always best for both to be the same length. What?! We’ll have to try this and get back to you. She usually wears a body shaper panties instead of regular underwear and shaper shorts on top.

Our queen Adele has also said that in order to fit into her dress for the 2012 Grammy Awards, she actually wore 3 to 4 pairs of shapewear under it to look drop-dead gorgeous. What’s with the double-duty shapewear people? Is this a trend?

Jessica Alba always looks amazing - but she claims that she has been wearing shapewear before it became a fad, as it is the only thing that smoothes out all of her lumps and bumps. Jessica Alba and lumps and bumps in the same sentence. Imagine that!

Kylie Jenner is in love with her touted butt-pad-equipped shapers, as it gives her booty the lift it needs. This might be more for the younger girls, tho - what do you guys think?

The Truth Behind “Flawless” Beauty

Celebrity Sarah PaulsonSarah Paulson has a love and hate relationship with shapewear, she claims, that is usually beaten by love. As it usually happens in the world (?).

Gwyneth Paltrow
, who doesn't even look as if she has an ounce of curve on her body, admits to wearing body shapers, loud and proud. She says it’s got a lot more to do with aging than fat - and we agree 100%. Hey, if Gwyneth is using these, it’s almost like ordering something straight from the Goop!

Tyra Banks promotes shapewear from her famous TV show to her website. She claims she puts it on before walking out the front door every single day and was one of the first to tell everyone that all red carpet women were wearing 50 shades of shape. Come to think about it, she might be the one who actually started the #Shapermint revolution!

OprahAnd, of course, Oprah adores shapewear and admits to wearing it every single day. She has publicly admitted to saying goodbye to panties and wearing only shaper panties (yes! just like these ones). Sounds like a couple of people we know...

Then there was Emily Blunt, that admitted to wearing full-body shapewear during the Golden Globe Awards. Evidently, looking fabulous has little to do with your body and more with how you FEEL. Even these skinny girls are sporting the confidence-booster supreme!

And, finally, Miranda Lambert is another strong shapewear supporter, even though she called it “every girl’s best-kept secret”. Secret? Pffft. Who are we kidding? The only ones in the dark are men, and that’s probably because once the clothes come off, they’re not even seeing in color anymore. Lucky for us!

How about you? Who was the first celebrity you heard talking about shapewear? Let us know and we’ll add her to our list!

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