celebrity body shapers

As we very well know, celebrities are the number one shapewear fans out there - and it’s not that hard to imagine why! Red carpet events mean EVERYONE will be watching them closely and there’s nothing as nerve-racking as having ALL eyes on you. The solution? Good ol’ shapewear to leave those invisible hangups behind and feel their utmost best while strutting their stuff. Problem solved!

With award season over until November, there’s nothing like looking back in time and trying to guess what star’s favorite go-to shapewear is for their big nights out. Ready for a celebrity shapewear challenge? Buckle up!

1. Brooke Shields - Is That a Body Shaper Panty We’re Seeing?

This mother of two might be well into her 50s but there’s so much more to her than that. Apart from her extensive career in film and TV, did you know she actually has a bachelor’s degree in Romance Languages from Princeton? She’s also one of the first starts to openly talk about postpartum depression, based on her own experience, which she wrote about in her book Down Came the Rain.


celebrity shapewear secrets Brooke Shields


So what shapewear would a smart woman like Brooke Shields go for? Based on her before and after pics, we think this is a classic case of shaper panties. Check out the picture to the right - her midriff is a lot more smoother. HOWEVER, there are no visible signs of hosiery or shorts below her very tight dress. What do you guys think? Are we up against a case of celebrity shapewear?

This is also a VERY common case of invisible hangups. As we can see from both pictures, Brooke Shields is drop dead gorgeous. Despite that, she’s confessed to having suffered from self-image issues - imagine THAT! The only thing the shapewear she has on is actually accomplishing is making her feel more in control, as you can tell from her posture on the “after” pic. I guess we’re not alone ;-)

(Pssst - you can get your own high-waisted shaping panties here, by the way).

2. Jennifer Lopez - Shaper Shorts Faux Pas (Or How to Look Gorgeous Regardless)

With awards and talent galore, J-Lo is quite possible the primary reason why we’re loving curves in 2018. In a world of skinny movie and pop stars, J-Lo reinvented what it means to be feminine with her curvy, Hispanic self, making all of us wide-hipped gals throw a collective sigh of relief. Yes, even before the Kardashians! Thanks to the way in which she overcame race and cultural barriers, she’s now an inspirational role model for an entire generation of women who are also real, also not your mamma and also just from around the block.

Got a problem with that?


celebrity body shapers Jennifer Lopez


And, to much of our heart’s excitement, turns out that Jennifer is a shapewear buff just like ourselves! Check out this picture taken at the Winter TCA Tour in Pasadena. If you look carefully, you can clearly see how she’s wearing mid-thigh shaper shorts underneath that stunning blue ensemble.

Oh, Jen! We’ve been there too - and we wish we looked half as gorgeous while having a shapewear faux pax. We’re probably the only ones even noticing with all the va-va-vooming going on.

Just a word of advice? Go for a longer thigh next time - like the one on these high-waisted shaper shorts. The longer the thigh, the more invisible the lines!

3. Eva Longoria - Beauty, Brains and a Bodysuit to Boot

Before we even get into her celebrity shapewear habits, let’s just fangirl for a little bit. Did you know Eva holds a Master’s Degree in Chicano Studies form California State University? Her thesis is actually entitled “Success STEMS From Diversity: The Value of Latinas in STEM Careers”. Yes, that’s the words Latinas, Diversity, Success and STEM all in one title and we are seriously FAWNING over here. Gorgeous and smart - that’s where it’s at.

She also headlines the Eva Longoria Foundation that aims to close the education gap for Latinas, as well as confront Latino poverty. There’s nothing desperate about Eva, that’s for sure. The Desperate Housewives star is now waiting for the arrival of her first child and is probably not wearing that much shapewear these days - but before Baby Bastón it was, quite possibly, shapewear galore. Or was it?


celebrity spanx malfunctions Eva Longoria


If there ever was someone who can show us that there’s no real NEED to wear shapewear in order to feel gorgeous, that’s Eva. For the rest of us, this is what we aspire to - meanwhile, we’ll just slip on that bodysuit we think she might be wearing underneath her red-and-stripe ensemble.

And if that’s what you’re looking for, lucky for you we’ve got bodysuit selection right here.

So, Who Wore It Better?

Unlike most Hollywood outlets, we’re calling this a tie - even these ladies’ “before” pics win the prize! And there’s no wonder for their success after a quick look through their bios. It has nothing with being gorgeous, but EVERYTHING with being smart, confident and being good to others. Luckily, that’s what #ShapermintGals are made of ;-)

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