5 Inspirational Body-Positive Girls

"You become like the five people you spend the more time with - choose wisely!” says the old adage. And the same applies to social media! It’s HARD to remain 100% body-positive every. single. day… ESPECIALLY if you’re new at this loving yourself thing.

The solution, we find, is to surround ourselves with amazing, inspirational people that can help us remind ourselves of our AWESOMENESS every single day.

Here are our Top 5 Picks for inspirational, body-positive women to follow on Instagram. All of them a lil’ bit curvy - and a whole lot of amazing. Who’ll be your new favorite?

Meet our fave body-positive Instagram girls (followed by the Shapermint team!)

1. Raeann Langas - Curvy Fashionista with Solid Outfits

Disclaimer: we’ve worked with Raeann in the past, but there’s a good reason for that. We just love her! She’s got a great flair for fashion and isn’t scared to get real in her Instagram descriptions either. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find on your Instagram feed once you fall in love with her:

Rae Everyday

Sample of her awesomeness:

“It wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally said enough! Enough of the negativity and enough self-hate. It’s about turning those negative thoughts into affirmations. Those feeling of self-doubt into self-assurance. ✨Say it with me: I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough.”

Take a peek at Raeann’s feed here.

2. Hayet Rida - Curve Your Plus Size Influencer Needs

All the way from Chicago, Hayet’s a breath of fresh air. Not only does she have a cool eye for plus-size fashion, but she’s also one of the first women on Instagram we found that talks clearly on the difference between training and working out - a real eye-opener for us.


Sample of her awesomeness:

I TRAIN (not workout) 6 days a week with three of the most amazing women I know (...). Fun fact: I am not on a weight-loss journey. I did that years ago and it consumed me mentally, emotionally and physically...and literally broke me. I write this because I want us to change the conversation about our bodies and how we work them. I don’t hate my body anymore, I just need it to show me all that it is capable of!

Take a peek at Hayet’s feed here.

3. Veronica Bonilla - Streetwear, Street-Minded and Curve-Friendly

A petite city girl with a heart of gold - and curves that go on for miles! Veronica’s Instagram feed is one of our favorites for its freshness and for being a never-ending source of super relatable wisdom. She just has a knack to say the right thing at the right time, whether she’s aware of it or not!


Sample of her awesomeness:

Admitting that you are overwhelmed doesn’t mean you’re being ungrateful to all the task you have to take care (...). Sometimes taking a mental check out where you don’t have to worry about anything at all, like putting your phone on do not disturb, letting your laptop battery die, turning on your favorite TV show and binge-watching is the reset button you need. If you’re feeling overwhelmed admit to yourself and your boss trust me everything will be okay.

Take a peek at Veronica’s feed here.

4. Noelle Downing - Outfits, Travel and Home Decor in Curvy Orange

Not only is she continuously sharing tips on outfits, travel and home decor from her home in NYC, this girl’s got a real eye for pretty! Just check out her feed for soothing aesthetics and designspiration. It’s impossible to feel unhappy when checking out Noelle’s posts - or following any of the cute challenges she poses to make her followers feel better!


Sample of her awesomeness:

Used to shy away from tight dresses, but here's one I love so much I bought it in two colors! 😜 So here's some self-love Monday motivation for you! Try on something you normally shy away from, you might be surprised how bomb you look in it 🙌🏻.”

Take a peek at Noelle’s feed here.

5. Sarah Tripp - Confident Curves and Sassy Style

We totally stole her headline from her own Instagram account - there’s just no better way to describe this girl. Sarah is a force of nature that one day decided to open an Instagram and start sharing pics. Make sure you don’t miss out on her amazing picture descriptions - she’s one of those bona fide inspiring curvy girls out there. Enjoy!

Sarah Tripp

Sample of her awesomeness:

Looking back through old photos recently, I realized that any time I was in a photo at the beach/lake/pool, i was always wearing a cover-up. in every. single. photo. I might as well have not worn a swimsuit because there was no chance I was taking that cover-up off, especially for photos. I wish i could go back and tell myself all the things i know now. I would tell myself to love and celebrate that curvy figure, even if it was more round and soft than it is now. I would tell myself that life is too short to worry about what others think about your body.”

Take a peek at Sarah’s feed here.

Anyone else you’d add to this list? We’re always looking for more awesome women to follow! Let us know in our Facebook page and Instagram :-)