Behind The Scenes: Shapermint #inallshapes Mother's Day 2022 Photoshoot

Here’s our Mother’s Day 2022 campaign #inallshapes BTS where moms and mother figures Zoe Chin Loy, Brianne Manz, Jessica Murillo, Angela Riihiluoma, and our Sr. Brand Manager Gabrielle Richards gathered together to celebrate the shape of their unique journey into self-love, body acceptance and motherhood in Shapermint essentials.

Our Mother’s Day 2022 photoshoot was captured by renowned photographer Ashley Batz, and videographer + editor Lukas Chmiel.

Because motherhood comes #inallshapes

Every mother’s journey is different, and Shapermint SupportiveWear celebrates and support them #inallshapes.

"I celebrate my shape like a boss lady." - Gabrielle, Sr. Brand Manager

Take the spotlight and celebrate the shape of your journey, because motherhood comes #inallshapes.

Watch #inallshapes interviews here.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and mother figures out there! Show us how you’re celebrating Mother’s and connect with us on social @shapermint.