All You Need to Know About Shapermint Leggings: Your Questions, Answered

Finding the right size while shopping can make or break the entire experience. That’s why we have the perfect sizing chart to get comfy and stylish leggings with the perfect fit for you. Read on to find your perfect fit for the Shapermint Essentials High-Waisted Shaping Leggings.

Benefits of the Shapermint Essentials High-Waisted Shaping Leggings

Our Shapermint High-Waisted Shaping Leggings are designed to shape and smooth your curves from the waist down. Slip into these leggings, and you'll instantly notice how they provide a sleek and flattering silhouette. Whether you're rocking them at the gym or running errands, you'll feel confident and comfortable all day long.

Choosing the Right Size

It's important to note that our legging sizing is unique. We understand that sizing can vary across different brands, which is why we recommend checking our handy sizing chart before purchasing. By doing so, you can ensure a perfect fit and experience the full benefits of our Shapermint leggings.

Putting on the Perfect Leggings

To get the most out of your Shapermint High-Waisted Shaping Leggings, here are a few tips on how to put them on properly:

  1. Start by gathering the leggings and rolling them down to the ankles.
  2. Step into the leggings one foot at a time, gradually pulling them up towards your waist.
  3. Once the leggings are around your knees, use your hands to smooth out any wrinkles or bunching.
  4. Continue pulling the leggings up, ensuring they sit comfortably on your waist without rolling or digging.
  5. Adjust as needed for a perfect fit, and enjoy the smooth, comfortable confidence that comes with wearing our Shapermint leggings.

Now that you’ve got all the info you need to rock that legging, we highly recommend pairing it with the Shapermint Essentials All Day Every Day Scoop Neck Cami for a winning combination of support, shaping, and comfort. It's a match made in heaven that will make you feel confident, stylish, and oh-so-comfortable. Say goodbye to ill-fitting leggings and hello to the ultimate set that will have you looking and feeling amazing all day long!

Still having a hard time finding your size? Contact us and we’ll help you out!