World Emoji Day

We use them daily. You probably do too. We’re talking, (or, more importantly, typing) about the legendary emoji.

In honor of World Emoji Day (which, yes, is a thing!) Here are a few fun facts about the small but mighty icons we’ve all come to know, love, and use every day.

  • Fact #1 Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese artist, invented emojis in 1999
  • Fact #2 About 36% of all Instagram posts contain 1-3 emojis
  • Fact #3 95% of internet users have used an emoji
  • Fact #4 Over 10 billion emojis are used daily
  • Fact #5 In 2013, the word “emoji” was officially used in the Oxford Dictionary. (So you know it’s official!)

Your most recently-used emojis can say a hilarious amount about how your day’s going - which are on your list today? Let us know in the comments below!