5 Effortless Steps to Build Your Fall Capsule Wardrobe with Everyday Smoothing Essentials

Unleash your inner confidence this fall season by effortlessly building your capsule wardrobe using your everyday smoothing essentials.  At Shapermint, we believe that confidence is not just about looking your best, but about feeling your best. That’s why we've curated these five effortless steps to help you embrace the changing seasons with style, versatility, and absolute comfort.

Get ready to redefine your fall style with Shapermint's Everyday Smoothing Essentials. Explore our handpicked collection and embrace the season with confidence and comfort.

How To Build Your Fall Capsule Wardrobe

1. Start with Your Underwear:

The foundation of any great outfit is the right underwear. Begin by selecting comfortable, supportive, and smoothing undies that provide the ideal base for your fall fashion pieces. Our range of seamless and breathable options ensures you’ll feel confident and stylish all day long. 

Tip: Choose wire-free bras that shape and support your chest and also smooth your sides and back for a seamless look under your outfits. Lightweight and seamless panties and shorts are key to not having any visible lines for maximum confidence.

2. Pick Your Foundation Pieces:

Once you have your undies sorted, it’s time to focus on foundation pieces. Invest in high-quality, versatile items like camisoles and tank tops. These basics can be layered or worn alone, allowing you to adapt your outfit to different occasions effortlessly.

Tip: Choose soft and breathable pieces designed for all-day wear so you’ll feel comfortable if you add layers to them.

3. Stock Up on Bodysuits:

Bodysuits are a fall wardrobe essential. They provide a smooth silhouette under any outfit and can be paired with skirts, jeans, or trousers. Opt for bodysuits in neutral tones like black, white, or nude to maximize their mix-and-match potential.

Tip: Choose versatile bodysuits that double as a layering piece and a top. Our recommended bodysuits can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

4. Bottom Pieces Are Essentials:

Invest in a variety of bottom pieces, including pants, and leggings. Choose styles that complement your body shape and can be paired with different tops. A well-fitted pair of leggings or tailored pants can elevate your look, especially when paired with Shapermint’s smoothing essentials.

Tip: Classic pieces allow you to mix and match them with almost any top easily. Our recommended leggings and pants are made from high-quality, non-see-through fabric while the shaping tights are made from durable yarn and are virtually indestructible.

5. Mix, Match, and Style:

Now comes the fun part! Experiment with mixing and matching your capsule wardrobe pieces. Create different outfits by layering, accessorizing, and experimenting with textures and patterns. Don’t forget to complete your look with Shapermint’s smoothing essentials to ensure a flawless finish.

Style tips: Try these easy and comfy Fall looks from Shapermint Brand Crew Ambassadors: @itzellovato, @koolkelsey, @itsabbysworldafterall, @recycledstardust, @alejandramabelle, @celinstagrrram, @blushesofrosina, and @berlinlikethe.city

itzellovato Shapermint Brand Crew Ambassadors koolkelsey 

Shapermint Brand Crew Ambassadors itsabbysworldafterall Shapermint Brand Crew Ambassadors recycledstardust 

Shapermint Brand Crew Ambassadors berlinlikethe.city Shapermint Brand Crew Ambassadors blushesofrosina 

Shapermint Brand Crew Ambassadors celinstagrrram Shapermint Brand Crew Ambassadors alejandramabelle

By following these effortless steps, you’ll not only build a fall capsule wardrobe that speaks to your style but also experience the confidence and comfort that come with Shapermint’s smoothing essentials. 

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