4 Healthy Recipes To Make Using Thanksgiving Leftovers

When Turkey Day is done and your Thanksgiving feast is complete, you’ll probably be left with your fair share of delicious dishes that didn’t make it onto your plate. But don’t underestimate those leftovers, because the morning after Thanksgiving is actually when the foodie fun begins! With so many unique options to choose from (turkey and mashed potatoes and casseroles, oh my!) the recipe options truly are endless...all you need is a little creativity. Still not sure where to start? Here are four simple, healthy dishes to make Thanksgiving weekend with all those yummy leftovers!

1. Thanksgiving Breakfast Frittata from The Foodie Dietitian Blog.

Thanksgiving Breakfast Frittata

2. Leftover Cranberry Sauce Bread from Oh My Veggies.

Leftover Cranberry Sauce Bread

3. Cranberry Sauce Parfait from Well Plated.

Cranberry Sauce Parfait

4. Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing Muffins by Kirbie Cravings.

Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing Muffins

This Thanksgiving, don’t limit yourself to the holiday itself! Unleash your inner Top Chef all weekend long just by using leftovers in surprising ways. Got another tasty, creative way to use Thanksgiving leftovers? Let us know so we can give it a try!