22 Affirmations You’ll Reach for Every Day

Home for the Holidays? We know, being with family and friends during the holidays can be stressful. Body-shaming triggers may pop up, so we’re sharing how you can encourage body-positive dialogue, plus 22 amazing affirmations you’ll reach for when you need them most.

Body positive influencer Carmen Renee

Affirmations We Reach for Every Day

  1. I am brave, bold and beautiful.
  2. I radiate confidence.
  3. I am worthy of love and respect.
  4. I will take time to love and care for myself.
  5. I am more than enough.
  6. I accept myself unconditionally.
  7. I love what my body is capable of doing.
  8. My size is beautiful.
  9. I am so much more than my appearance.
  10. It’s okay not to be the best all the time.
  11. It’s not about working on myself, it's about being okay with who I already am.
  12. I won’t let magazines or the media tell me what I should look like. I look exactly the way I’m supposed to.
  13. Life doesn’t start 10 pounds from now, it’s already started.
  14. My strength is greater than any struggle.
  15. I’m in awe of what my body is capable of.
  16. I have the power to change my story.
  17. I have the courage to say “no”.
  18. My happy thoughts will become my reality.
  19. I have full confidence in myself and what I'm capable of.
  20. I have limitless potential.
  21. I am growing and going at my own pace.
  22. I am worthy of success and prosperity.