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Spread Awareness:
COVID-19 Is Not Over

As lockdowns ease across the globe and we adjust to a new normal, we must remember that COVID-19 is not over. #WeAreInThisTogether is an impactful movement created to identify, inspire, and empower those who are fighting against COVID-19.

Now more than ever, it's important that we band together. That's why we created our #WeAreInThisTogether wristband, a visual representation of your commitment to protect each other and support our communities.

More Than A Wristband:
A Symbol Of Solidarity

Meet our signature #WeAreInThisTogether wristband—it’s a visible representation of solidarity and responsibility.

Let friends, family, and others know that when they see it, it’s not a fashion statement but a symbol of your commitment to keeping us ALL safe and healthy.

You are part of the solution and together, we have the power to protect each other and save lives by following official rules & guidelines.

Show Your Support

Wearing our #WeAreInThisTogether wristband identifies you as part of this movement. Now, you have the power to spread awareness by showing solidarity and being socially responsible.

As part of our Shapermint Cares initiative, 100% of the profits generated* for every wristband purchased will go towards our $100,000 goal to support the American Nurses Foundation.

#WeAreInThisTogether Wristband

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By The Numbers

of the profits* will go towards our $100,000 goal to support the American Nurses Foundation, as a part of the Shapermint Cares Initiative.

Every Donation
Is Important

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Our Goal


Time To Stand United

It's important that we all continue to respect government guidelines—social distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands, and any other crucial recommendations that can protect us all.

If we stand together, we can protect each other and save lives. You play a BIG part and wearing the #WeAreInThisTogether wristband is a representation that you are part of the solution.

Make A Difference

Your help is important and we can’t thank you enough for taking steps to bring awareness.

So, what can you do?

Support our #WeAreInThisTogether wristband. For every purchase,100% of the profits* are donated.

Spread Awareness! Wear the #WeAreInThisTogether wristband as a show of solidarity.

Share and tag pics of yourself and others wearing our #WeAreInThisTogether wristband.



Let's protect and support each other, together.

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