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AGE-DEFYING BREAKTHROUGH: This is what’s REALLY causing our wrinkles! - And here's the ONE thing you can do about it!

By Dr. Trevor Cates

Why do some of us age faster than others? If you were thinking that your “genes” or “DNA” 100% determine how your skin will age, THINK AGAIN.

The biggest mistake women can make when they try to fight wrinkles and dark spots is not knowing what causes them.

Today you will discover how to address what is really causing fine lines, and loose and sagging skin. And what is the single thing you ca​​n do to reclaim a youthful look and self-confidence without putting your skin in harm with your actual skincare, makeup, or expensive and risky procedures.

This is what Ana and other 29,842 American women used to transform into a younger-looking version of themselves.

These remarkable transformations are the reason why I’ve been invited to famous TV shows such as The Doctors, hosted my own PBS Special, and why now the industry calls me a “top skincare expert”

My name is Dr. Trevor Cates, also known as “The Spa Dr.”, I became the first woman-licensed Naturopathic Doctor in California. I also wrote 2 bestsellers called “Clean Skin From Within”, and “Natural Beauty Reset” that you can find on Amazon.

My research about the REAL cause behind our speedy aging that the big skincare brands choose to ignore got me appointed by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to California's Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine Advisory Council.

And now, I'm about to reveal the discovery that not only transformed my life but also that of thousands of other women...

This is the untold truth behind our wrinkles, dark spots, and saggy skin

A recent Spanish study published by the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology concluded that the now called Environmental stressors like UV radiation from the sun, air pollution, and toxic personal products like makeup and skincare have a major influence on our aging skin.¹ ²

Let’s look at this process step-by-step.

Since birth, our skin has had a constant battle with ENVIROSTRESSORS like air pollution, smoke, UV Radiation from the sun, extreme temperatures, toxic chemical exposure, and lifestyle factors (such as poor diet, lack of exercise, and chronic stress…).

As we age, the production of natural antioxidants decreases, leading to an imbalance in the skin’s natural protective mechanism.

The problem is that when these envirostressors don’t meet resistance, they can break down two important proteins for youthful-looking skin: collagen and elastin.

Collagen is like the strong foundation of a house. It forms a scaffold that provides structure and support to our skin, keeping it firm and smooth.

Elastin is like the flexible beams that hold the house together. It’s responsible for maintaining the skin's elasticity and helps it regain its original shape.

In conclusion, envirostressors can damage elastin fibers, causing the skin to lose its ability to snap back, leading to sagging and lack of firmness.

The BEST way to address the negative effects of envirostressors on your appearance

First of all, and by now should be quite obvious, is to stay away from potentially harmful skincare and makeup whose ingredients may act as envirostressors and speed up your aging signs.

Second, we should be using antioxidants to replenish the skin's protective barrier function from what it has been losing over the years.

That way, our skin is able to put up a fight against those envirostressors, helping reduce the appearance of premature signs of aging.

And I’ve found the BEST antioxidant-rich bioactives in Nature.

Skinutriceuticals, the hidden key for younger-looking skin

It was almost by accident that I came across these age-defying miracle workers. I was doing research about the most powerful antioxidants in nature for my first bestseller “Clear Skin From Within” when I came across them.

What I call skinutriceuticals.

One of them is Resveratrol, a powerful polyphenol found in grapes. High in antioxidant levels, it has the ability to increase collagen concentration, ultimately improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and elasticity.

Another skinutriceutical with age-defying properties is Green Algae extract, which also helps detoxify the skin, improve its firmness and elasticity, and promote a radiant complexion.

And another ingredient you might have never heard of is Acerola Fruit Extract, also known as a “superfruit” that comes from tropical regions, is one of the richest natural sources of antioxidants with hydrating properties, which in turn leads to brighter and younger-looking skin.

The reason why your favorite skincare will NEVER deliver long-lasting results

By now you might say… “OK, but my skincare has antioxidants too, why doesn’t it work?”

The ugly truth is that the mainstream beauty industry has very little to offer. They do nothing to actually help our skin’s appearance in the long term.

They all probably had on their list of ingredients the most common antioxidants out there… But the truth is that antioxidants need a healthy skin microbiome where they can flourish.³

Imagine our skin microbiome as fertile soil for your body. It's home to beneficial organisms that protect and nourish your skin.

So we should be nurturing them with gentle care to promote a healthy environment for them, just like fertile soil yields thriving plants.

Otherwise, it's pointless to load our skin with antioxidants if our skin microbiome doesn't allow them to function and thrive.

Think of it like trying to drink water from a cup with holes in it. Even if the water keeps pouring in, it just leaks out and won’t help you.

Similarly, if we put lots of good stuff on our skin, like antioxidants, it might not work well if the tiny living things on our skin aren't working together.

The groundbreaking discovery that changed the way we look at skincare FOREVER

As powerful as these skinutriceuticals and antioxidants are, it seems you can never enjoy their greatest effect. Why are they not working?

This is what I’ve been studying and researching for years! Why if we are giving our skin what’s needed, is still not delivering the results we expect?

This led me to one of the most important breakthroughs in my career: the crucial role of our skin’s pH level.

PH is often referred to as the “acid mantle”, a thin acidic film on the skin’s surface that protects against bacteria, viruses, and other potential contaminants.

Maintaining a perfect pH level is essential for a fertile skin microbiome.

But without the right pH level, no matter what we are planting there, our skin becomes like a barren land - Drying up, developing imbalances - so powerful antioxidants cannot thrive in this environment.

So without the right pH, there is no true protection and antioxidants won’t work!

That was my eureka moment! And it It turns out that the skincare industry has been getting it wrong all along…

I had to create something new in the industry that NO ONE had done before

After almost 12 years of research, testing, and iterations, and finally I found a way…

The first part was to find and combine skinutriceuticals that are clean and safe, which don’t act as envirostressors. These ingredients are limited and really difficult to find.

The second part of the process was even more challenging: identifying which was the perfect pH level to get the best performance from these formulas and how to get there.

A recent Dutch study published by the International Journal of Science and Research wrote that “skin with pH values below 5.0 is beneficial for its residential flora”.⁴

I blended the skinutriceuticals with multiple grades of pH to thrive, and I’ve identified this perfect pH level between 4.6 and 5.0 for the face. Anything higher or lower than that could accelerate our aging.

I tried it myself - and got LIFE-CHANGING results!

I used it on myself first so I could report my first-hand results. I was stunned by the transformation I personally experienced. I’m 50 years old, and the first thing I noticed was how much more rested I looked.

The appearance of my fine lines had softened... My skin looked more hydrated and it felt silky smooth.… And I loved my glowy look.

But what really made me feel that I had hit a home run was when my teenage daughter said to me - “Mom, what have you been doing? You’re glowing!”

The next step was giving this secret to my long-time patients… I was thrilled by their results!

Reclaim a youthful look with just one minute a day!

Every single one was surprised by how shockingly simple, affordable, and effective was this age-defying hack.

So I went ahead and crafted a clean, effective, and affordable serum that can provide an instant tightening-like effect while still providing long-lasting age-defying results.

  • Visibly smoothing, lifting, and firming the appearance of the face and neck area.

  • Reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Reducing the appearance of dark spots.

  • Promoting a pH-balanced skin for an ageless look.

Because, unlike most serums that fall within the pH range of 5 to 7, my unique formula boasts a perfectly balanced pH of 4.7. Like an age-defying elixir for your face and neck.

Imagine finally waking up in the morning and being completely confident about facing the mirror...

This is a potentially life-changing decision that can soften the visible signs of aging, while WOWING friends and family.

Boosting your self-esteem, and cultivating a sense of confidence that can translate into all aspects of our lives, like it did for thousands of women.

Because, unlike most serums that fall within the pH range of 5 to 7, my unique formula boasts a perfectly balanced pH of 4.7. Like an age-defying elixir for your face and neck.

Imagine finally waking up in the morning and being completely confident about facing the mirror...

This is a potentially life-changing decision that can soften the visible signs of aging, while WOWING friends and family.

Boosting your self-esteem, and cultivating a sense of confidence that can translate into all aspects of our lives, like it did for thousands of women.

Women across the country LOVE this serum

“My skin looks incredible… as young and smooth-looking as my daughter’s - Thank you Dr. Cates!”

"I was amazed by my transformation, especially after feeling like I was "too old" to see any real changes. I had nearly lost hope of finding an affordable and effective approach to soften the look of wrinkles and dark spots. The market is flooded with products making big claims but failing to deliver. However, to my surprise, The Spa Dr.'s Age Defying Lift & Tight Serum lived up to everything Dr. Cates promised it would do.” 

“The fine lines' appearance started to fade, and my skin regained its firm look each day. I remember one day my esthetician said, ‘What are you doing to your skin? It looks so great.’ ”  

How can you get yours today?

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