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ShapermintSupports Breast Cancer Awareness

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are
partnering with and donating to nonprofit PinkChoseMe
to spread awareness, encourage early detection,
and provide support to those affected by breast cancer.

We’re empowering awareness

We’re empowering awareness

In 2022, an estimated 287,850 new cases of invasive
breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women
in the U.S. Watch real survivors who beat the odds and
inspire us to empower one another to listen to our
bodies, fight, recover, and survive.

Share this video to spread awareness
and the benefits of early detection.

Did you know?

Breast Cancer Awareness Collection

Shop our curated collection for the month of October, and we’ll donate a portion to PinkChoseMe.

Survivor interviews

Anna Crollman

Mother, infertility warrior, and cancer awareness advocate, Anna Crollman found a deeper connection to life and those around her after cancer. She teaches us that identifying your authentic self is a powerful avenue to live life to the fullest.

Watch Anna’s Story

Tiffany Denee Jones

A three-time breast cancer survivor and Founder of PinkChoseMe, Tiffany Denee Jones’ mission is to spread awareness about early detection and to support women through their breast cancer journeys.

Watch Tiffany’s Story

Jen Reynolds

Jen Reynolds survived multiple cancers and found that the best way to cope and survive was with a good support system. She discovered her inner strength and her empowerment buddies by showing how vulnerable she truly was.

Watch Jen’s Story

How to Check Your Breasts

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