Socially-Distant Activities To Enjoy

The vibrant falling leaves.

The cooling temperatures.

The comforting smell of pumpkin-spice everything.

That’s right... Fall is upon us! And even though this year the season might feel a little different than usual, we can still enjoy this unique time of year while staying safe, responsible, and healthy. Here are four fall-tastic ideas to help you maintain social-distancing during these crazy COVID-19 times, while still creating meaningful memories.

1. Pick Some Seasonal Produce

Pick Some Seasonal Produce

From pumpkin patches to apple-picking orchards and harvest celebrations, there’s no shortage of awesome farms nationwide to explore. These quintessential fall activities are great because they give you a chance to connect with nature while also taking advantage of lots of cute harvest-themed photo opps! Just be sure to check ahead with wherever you visit - most farms and orchards have implemented updated policies to keep guests and employees extra safe.

2. A-Maze Yourself

A-Maze Yourself

There’s just something about corn mazes that screams Fall. And since these are classically outdoor activities, many are still operating (almost) as usual. Again, it’s super important to plan ahead so you know exactly what to expect in terms of rules and restrictions. But the childlike joy of frolicking through a corn maze with friends and family (at a safe distance!) is a surefire way to get you laughing, problem-solving, and in the Fall spirit.

3. Carve Some Time Out For Fun

Carve Some Time Out For Fun

While harvest adventures are definitely part of savoring this season, that’s only half the fun. A simple, timeless, and socially-distance-friendly way to get into the Halloween spirit is to carve some pumpkins! You can even up the social aspect of this classic Fall activity by inviting others to safely join in. Set up well-distanced stations at a park or in your backyard, complete with carving tools, pumpkins, gloves, extra masks, and snacks, then make a spooky afternoon of it!

4. Go Leaf Peeping

Go Leaf Peeping

Leaf peeping, or, the act of traveling to and taking insta-worthy pictures of pretty fall foliage, is an awesome, low-risk way to enjoy yourself this Fall while keeping your distance from others. Simply decide how far you’re willing to wander (will it be a pod camping trip or just a solo one-day adventure?) then do a little research and plan your excursion! There’s no shortage of gorgeous autumnal colors sprinkled all throughout the U.S... some places are so stunning this time of year, you have to see it to be-leaf it (sorry... we had to).

Well, there you have it! There’s no denying that this year has been challenging and unpredictable, but none of that craziness changes the fact that Fall is a uniquely beautiful, fun-filled time. In the midst of the chaos, we can’t forget to lean into joy every now and then, and that’s just what this season invites us all to do. We hope these ideas inspire you to have some socially-distanced fun this Fall. And make sure to let us know in the comments if you have any other fun fall activity suggestions!