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5 reasons why women are ditching their underwire bras

By Kelly S.

Last Updated Sep 11,2023

“Honestly.. I’ve been looking for a comfortable bra for like 4 years. This one FINALLYYYYYYYY was the one. It is the best bra I have ever worn.”

We recently asked thousands of women why they suddenly decided to ditch their uncomfortable bras. And we found out the rumors are true...
There's a new type of bra that's comfy, flattering, and so perfect for everyday wear you forget you're even wearing it.
We wanted to discover why women are becoming obsessed with this affordable, little-known bra. Here is what they told us:

1. Goodbye wires: get the same support with unbeatable comfort

The new Truekind Daily Comfort Bra doesn't poke you every time you make the wrong move. The way the straps and band work together make it so that the support of this bra works just as an underwire… without the wires!

2. Hello Extra-Wide Straps that won’t dig in

Just picture it… no more painful red marks. Instead, your bras fit you in just the right way and they support you 100% without hurting you.

They smooth you out, and make it so that your bra rests comfortably on your shoulders, instead of digging in and causing pain..

3. Breathable & Stretchy Technology for All-Day Comfort

This bra is so soft and comfy you can wear it every day and forget you have it on. Not only that, but you won’t want to take it off either!

Sure, you can't wear this with a fancy open back cocktail dress. But when you want to feel comfortable and supported all day without painful wires, this is the bra you want.

4. Fits from 28DD to 48DD thanks to its smart sizing!

Hundreds of the women we interviewed said “having large boobs is such a struggle” or “I cannot find a bra that really fits me and that is supportive.” These bras were designed for real women, for every body. And most importantly they will give you the right support no matter what size you are.

That's why, as soon as they tried the Daily Comfort Bra they said 'Finally! The perfect bra for my large boobs!'

5. Eliminates lines and bulges to give you a smooth fit

One thing almost all women loved about this bra is it doesn't give you that bunched up look and feel. Instead, no one even notices you're wearing it. It's invisible!

There is more… a Smart Sizing with a Risk-Free Fit Guarantee!

Finding the perfect bra size can sometimes be painful. But Truekind has found a solution for that too!

First, due to it’s stretchy technology and smart sizing approach, this bra works for sizes S to 4XL, so you can forget about all the painful measurements and doubts.

Secondly, it comes with a no-brainer 60 days Fit Guarantee where you can exchange or refund this bra so you can Try-it Risk Free!

If you are still wondering why this bra is one of the best sellers in America with more than 4 Million Customers…check this out:

Fits like magic

“This bra is perfect for everyday wear. Wire free and feels so good to wear without that constraining feeling you get when wearing wires bras. I love it!”

Natalie B.

One of the best shapewear to use

“You will not regret purchasing Shapermint. The material used for their shapewear feels like butter, lasts a long time and the most comfortable underwear I have ever tried!”

Omaira G.

Forgot I was wearing a bra

“I just got my Truekind Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper bra in 2X and I love it! I am uneven after a partial mastectomy from breast cancer and this bra is the best I have found to minimize the difference. The right cup is a little empty, but I will add a pad to fill out the cup. I like how the cups are lined so no one knows when I am cold ; ) This is a bra that I could wear 24 hours a day. Perfect for daytime or sleep. Very happy with this purchase.”

Paula C.

With millions of raving fans this bra is being called 'The Most Comfortable Bra Ever'. And the best thing is? You can forget about $50 or $100 bras.

This bra from Truekind gives you all the comfort, quality, and support you need for under $30!

Plus, they have a special deal so you can try it out today with ZERO risk:

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If you aren't absolutely thrilled with it, you have 60 days to return it or exchange it. No hassles. No questions.

  • Breathable and stretchy new fabric technology

  • Goodbye digging, hello extra-wide straps

  • Created for women of every body type