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black friday's must-have: this new bra is taking the internet by storm

Thousands of women have forgotten how it feels to be hurt by their bras thanks to a new extra-supportive and WIRELESS innovation by Shapermint.

With 75,000 verified 5-star reviews, what is it about Shapermint’s new bra that's making everyone want one?

By Amy Harris.

Last Updated Sep 11,2023

Note: You'll probably never wear an underwire bra again!

Imagine yourself being able to make all your moves without being stabbed by your bra.
Not getting annoyed by irritations or itching…

And feeling the freedom of wearing a piece of underwear that seems to be custom made for you.

That’s the experience are having thousands of women who tried this new generation of bras that Shapermint has developed: The Wireless Comfort Bra

“No one believed me when I said this is the only kind of bra I use, but when they tried it… OMG”

That’s Laura’s story.

She’s a 36DDD sized girl.

And when she went to a birthday party of one of her friends, nobody could believe it…

Everyone saw her moving around with a cleavage t-shirt and her gals were always in place.

And it wasn’t the first time they saw her so confident and stunning at the same time, so her friends started to ask: 

“Hey, does that shirt have something special?”, “how is that you’re wearing that cleavage without having to tackle your boobs all the time?”, “what’s your secret to be so confident in those stunning outfits?”.

Laura explained “I told all of them: I discovered a bra that keeps my girls in place and it is sooo comfortable. I don't want to wear another kind of bra anymore. I’ve barely done it since I found them. In fact, I already got like five and I wear them all the time…” . 

Her friends were skeptical at first.

They said things like “ok, I think you’re in love now, let’s see how you feel later” or “well, that’s probably a bra only for large boobed girls”.

But Laura insisted “You should try them!”.

And a few weeks later, she started to receive messages like these: “You saved my life, this bra is amazing!”, “I saw it on Instagram and I had to try them… I’m really impressed”, “Best recommendation ever”.

Of course, Laura and her friends were not the only women who discovered this.

The word spread so fast that Shapermint sold out in the first month when they launched it.

Now they have them in stock again and everybody's like crazy on social media talking about that.

“I’m so happy they have them in stock again! Best bra EVER” - Danielle R.

“I ran to get mine and I have to say… They are the most comfortable bras ever.” - Trisha N.

“Finally! A comfortable bra that has all the support I need. I’m impressed.” - Amber M.

So, what is it about Shapermint’s Wireless Comfort Bra that’s making every woman from all sizes want them?

Since they were launched to the market, Shapermint bras skyrocketed to be the #1 best selling wireless bras in America.

Continuously selling out and accumulating a massive following of loyal users, saying they have “the most comfortable bras EVER”.

But this new generation of bras are actually revolutionizing the market.


Let’s see. First…

It supports you like an underwire bra… but WITHOUT the wires!

Isn’t it awful that every time you want to be supported you have to feel uncomfortable?

That every time you make a move you get poked…or the rigid structures of wired bras make those gaping cups show over your shirts?

Well, you can forget all those nightmares thanks to the Wireless Comfort Bra.

It has all the support you need and it is so comfy you'll forget you have it on.
The way the straps and the molded cups work together make them have the best support in the market.

That’s why you can say goodbye to wires and hello to unbeatable comfort.

And that’s just the beginning

The smart straps will make you feel in heaven

‘Cause all of us know that wires are not the only problem with regular bras.

Just picture it… no more painful red marks at all. Not even on your shoulders.

Instead, your bras fit you in just the right way and they support you 100% without hurting you.

The straps of this game-changing bra are wider than the regular ones.

And not only that, they are also adjustable and convertible!

So you can move them to get a custom fit and have this bra resting comfortably on your shoulders, instead of digging in and causing pain.

That is a great feature that many of Shapermint's customers love.

But the best is yet to come, because the main secret why this piece is so revolutionary is the following:

This bra also has a double layer that provides maximum coverage and makes it invisible under clothes

Have you seen this in a bra before?

Because we don’t.

This breathable piece of fabric was designed to provide maximum coverage and support.

So you can forget about nipples being exposed or back rolls that show over your shirts…
And you can be prepared to feel extra supported in a completely seamless way.

You’re not going to be the only one that wouldn’t notice you have a bra…

Because nobody is going to notice.

And that is something most bras can’t achieve.

Now, you may be thinking: “ok, a double layer… but isn’t that hot?”

But here’s another thing most bras don’t have.

The secret behind the all-day comfort:
A new breathable & stretchy fabric technology

Of course, to create a bra like this one Shapermint couldn’t use any type of fabric.

Have in mind that this bra offers even more support than an underwire bra, it has extra coverage and a smoothing effect.

But the comfort not only comes from being supported and covered.

Nothing matters if you’re going to be hot every time you wear a piece of underwear.

And certainly this is something that happens with a lot of regular bras.

But not with this one.

After years of work Shapermint developed a super breathable and stretchy fabric that is so fresh and soft it feels like you’re wearing a cloud.

Some of their customers even say in the comments that they don’t want to take it off!

"A DREAM come true! This bra is not just ultra supportive… is not just buttery soft… but is also fresh. I don’t want to take it off all day!" - Gabrielle P.

And thanks to its easy sizing, fitting problems are a thing of the past

We frequently interview hundreds of women to ask them about the new trends in the fashion area…

And when we ask them about bras, they often say things like “having large boobs is such a struggle” or “I cannot find a bra that really fits me and that is supportive.” 

That’s another reason why this bra is revolutionary.

Because all of us have a unique size… and that means that we can also be in-between sizes.
But this bra was designed for ALL women.

Their super stretchy fabric of this new bra will adapt to you and fit perfectly.

That's why we say it has smart sizing.

With their 7 options it doesn’t matter what your exact size is, you’ll always have a perfect fit.

So not only are you going to be supported, comfy, covered…

You are also going to have a bra that is going to feel custom made for you.

And all those solutions together are what make thousands of women completely obsessed with this bra.

This is what thousands of women are saying about this  revolutionary bra

“Love it!! I could wear this every day, it's so comfortable, it has great support and it fits me perfectly. The high quality fabric that makes it so comfortable to wear all day.” - Heather A.

“So happy my friend recommended these bras! I love how these are made to smooth out the back, covering more space than others.” - Kelly P.

“Pure comfort. Nightly I can't wait to take off my bra but this one is that comfortable, no digging, tugging, nothing. At night I marvel at how I wasn't annoyed with my bra all day. Love it, I bought 2 more.” - Amy J.

“Quality is awesome and it fits great. I absolutely love them!” - Elise M.

“These bras are like getting a hug. I’m 52 and I was so frustrated with all the bras until I met yours. thank you for making great bras that’s made for all shapes and without wires.” - Tatsumi L.

“The Girls are UP and stay there! No sag!” - Meredith M.

“I didn’t think I would ever find a bra that would be comfortable and give me the support I need, especially a bra from an online merchant as I couldn’t try it on before I purchased it. I am very pleased with my purchase and I will be back to purchase more in the near future. I didn’t think it was possible, but you did it!” - Karen M.

It’s easy to see why Shapermint’s Wireless Comfort Bra is becoming one of the fashion trends of 2023.

“I tried Shapermint and now I wear it every week”

“DDD-Sized shoppers say this bra ‘Fits like a dream’”

“It checks off all the right boxes — wireless design, no-dig straps and a stylish silhouette”

Where can you get yours?

The Wireless Comfort Bra is sold on their website and at a few exclusive retailers like Nordstrom and Belk. However right now they are offering a one-time-only 45% discount on their own site for Black Friday Sale

*Update: Ever since the Wireless Comfort Bra from Shapermint was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a 100% money back guarantee and are extending their one-time discount of 45% OFF anticipating their Black Friday discount of 45% OFF.

PLEASE NOTE: As a special introductory online exclusive sale, the company is now offering 45% Off for limited-time Black Friday Sale.

This deal can be removed at any time, so act now to take advantage of this special offer.
Plus, if you aren’t totally happy with your Wireless Comfort Bra, return it for a full refund. No questions asked!

The Wireless Comfort Bra is super trendy in social media right now so we suggest taking advantage of their sale while supplies are still available.

Please check their site to see if stock is currently available.

Click the link above to see if Shapermint is still offering a 45% discount

You’ll never wear an underwire bra again!

Get perfect support with unbeatable comfort and style with Shapermint’s Wireless Comfort Bra

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