is this the quickest & easiest way to smooth out your tummy?

This is how REAL moms with REAL bodies are gaining back their body confidence and finally taking back control of their lower belly pouch.

  • Kari Locklear

    24th of October, 2023 Fashion Influencer

It’s almost impossible.


Finding a casual outfit that keeps our mommy tummy in check and looks flattering on us.


That’s why most women either go with something baggy...

Or just get used to seeing their muffin top in the mirror. There’s no in between.


Now, before I continue, let me say...

Not feeling 100% happy with your mom body is totally normal. Every mom has gone through it.


Because when we start having kids, we start to lose some of the body confidence we had when we were younger.


We look in the mirror and see how much our bodies have changed, and we can’t believe our eyes.


We see the rolls, love handles, and that FUPA that just won’t go away no matter what we do… and we start to get a little self-conscious.


This is natural. But...


It doesn’t mean we have to live with it. In fact…


If you want to feel confident and fit again… if you want to smooth out your midsection, accentuate your curves, and control all your “extras”...


Then keep reading to find out more about this little-known cami everyone’s talking about.

"I Was Afraid Others Would Notice My Extras..."

Let’s face it, 9 out of 10 women feel insecure about some part of their bodies…


It could be their hair, their nose, their skin, anything.


But one of the biggest areas that make us women insecure is our midsection.

That is, our belly, love handles, rolls, and any other “extras” we think we shouldn’t have.


Now, I don’t know about you, but after I had kids I spent YEARS layering up because I didn’t feel 100% comfortable in my own skin.


I didn’t feel sexy. I didn’t feel well put together. Instead, I felt I had to cover up or I would reveal every single one of my “flaws.”

So, I went for the “safest” option… baggy clothes.


The thing is, it’s hard to feel sexy when you layer up to hide your body.


It’s hard to feel confident when you know you can’t wear anything tight without feeling self-conscious and like everyone is staring at you.


It’s hard knowing you have to settle for less because you can’t put on the clothes you ACTUALLY want to wear.


This is the reality most women live by.


That is, until they try shaper camis…

The Tummy-Shaping Secret Women Are Going Crazy About

Shaper camis are hands-down the best solution for controlling your mommy tummy, flattering your curves, and regaining your body confidence.





. Shaper Camis Can Be Super Comfortable

Most women are terrified of wearing shapewear because they think it’ll be painful. But what they don’t know is...


Once you find the right ones, shaper camis can be EVEN MORE comfortable than any tank top you’ve ever worn.


Think about it…


When you have fabric that’s silky smooth and soft… and you have the right amount of compression...


Every outfit you put on will look and feel 10x better.


The trick then is finding the RIGHT shaper cami…


The one that is so comfortable you can wear it for 10-12 hours straight and never feel like you’re choking because of how tight it is.


. Shaper Camis Are Not A Bandaid Fix


Let’s be honest...


EVERYONE has trouble areas when trying to lose fat.


No matter how much exercise and dieting they go through, most women struggle with losing their lower belly pudge and their love handles...


That’s why shaper camis are the PERFECT solution.


Because you get to feel confident and fit again by smoothing out any unwanted lumps or bumps instantly…


Which keeps you motivated and excited to follow your long-term diet and workouts.


. Everything Stays Put


Some women hate the jiggly feeling that comes from wearing baggy clothes (or shapewear that doesn’t hold you right).


But when you find the right type of shaper cami… with the right type of support and compression…you’ll feel in total control.


You will notice how every little insecurity you had instantly vanishes. You’ll see how your curves and your figure are easily intensified.


And you’ll regain the body confidence you had 10 years ago.


You can even wear this as a cute top with no bra because of its chest support.

But now, the question is…

Where Do You Find The Right Shaper Cami For You?

Let’s be honest, buying shapewear can be a nightmare. Buying it online, even worse…

You can’t just buy the first shaper cami that pops up. You have to make sure:

. It has the right amount of compression so you can actually breathe

. It won´t ride up as you go through your day (no one wants to adjust their top every 5 minutes)
. The fabric is soft and high-quality so it feels as comfy as a second skin
. You have to try it on and see if you actually bought the right Cami (or you need to go up a size)

And most importantly…

You have to make sure it actually flatters you and makes you look stunning!

The good news is, we’ve found a company that beautifully meets ALL of the above… its name is Shapermint.

Shapermint´s Shaper Cami Is The Perfect Solution For Regaining Your Body Confidence

This cami has the right amount of compression to control every bump or lump without making you feel constricted.


And the material is so soft and silky you won’t even notice you’re wearing a shaper cami. It just feels like a second skin.


This is why women are quickly obsessing over this.


Just take a look at what thousands of REAL women across America have to say about this wonderful shaper cami:

Don´t Risk Losing Hundreds Of Dollars- Try This With Zero Risk

The riskiest part of buying a shaper cami online is making sure you bought the right size.


That’s why Shapermint assumes ALL the risk by giving you a 60-Day Perfect Fit Guarantee.


Here’s how it works…


Order your shaper cami today and try it on. Witness how gorgeous you look and how all your “insecurities” won’t bother you anymore.


See how this cami instantly smooths out any unwanted bumps, lumps, or rolls.


And if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the cami… if you feel like you need to go up/down a size or you want a different color… or if you simply want a full refund…


Then simply contact our world-class customer service team and they’ll solve any situation you may have asap.


When you order with Shapermint, getting a different size/color is as easy as asking for another shoe size at a shoe store.




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And start feeling confident and sexy again wearing the outfits YOU want to wear.