The Home Spa Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

As if we needed an excuse, Bubble Bath Day is here and we’re here 👏 for 👏 it 👏. With spa treatments being in limited supply these days, we’re here to help you turn your happy place into an at-home reality. So get ready to recharge, glow up, and bring the spa home for 2022 with some of these super-zen tips you can easily do at home.

1. Press Pause

Press Pause

When getting started with a self-care moment, it’s important to pause and take a breath. This helps you get in touch with your mind and body. A comfy legging and bralette set that feels like second skin is a great way to dive into head-to-toe relaxation. (We’re loving these leggings for its seamless support, and this bralette my entire friend group won’t stop raving about.)

Pair that set with your favorite playlist, a simple stretch, deep deep breaths, and tap into both your body and mind. You may be asking yourself, “why would I make myself wait even longer to get my spa on?!?” Well, the answer is easy. The first step of self-care is to work inside-out. Once you’re mentally reset (and in a fresh outfit) you’ll enjoy every spa scent, sound, and feeling even more than if you hadn’t.

2. Get Scentual

Get Scentual

When setting up your spa, you want to appeal to as many senses as you can to tap into your inner calm. Scent plays a huge factor in setting the mood. Run a bath with some scented bath salts, a vacation-worthy soak, or light some scented candles. A versatile diffuser like this one works wonders.

Another *inexpensive* tip you can try is to pick up some eucalyptus at your local florist. Simply tie the stems together with a rubber band or string, and let the bunch hang upside-down off of your shower head. The steam rising from the bath ‘activates’ the eucalyptus scent and creates the ultimate spa vibes. The plant also lasts a long time out of water, making every shower and bath for the next few weeks feel like you’re pampering yourself at a real spa.

3. Face Masks You *Want* to Put On

Face Masks

Before you step into the bath, you’ll want to apply your favorite mask so you can give it time to work its magic while you soak. We’re all about simple two-ingredient masks for your skin in 2021. They’re easy to whip up with items you can find in the pantry. And they’re super affordable!

4. Split Up With Split Ends

Split Up With Split Ends

Don’t forget about your hair! Quarantining has #blessed us with lengthy locks, but that does not mean your hair isn’t susceptible to breakage and looking dull. Between your long-awaited trims, try a moisturizing mask like this one at least once a week to preserve your hair health.

5. Set Your Zen

Set Your Zen

After you’ve soaked and scrubbed, remember to give yourself a few more minutes to close out your spa experience. Just like a light stretch after a run, you should take the time to reflect and appreciate your very own Bubble Bath Day. Grab your comfiest outfit — we’re living, sleeping, and loving in this bra paired with this high waisted panty. It’s also comfy enough to fall asleep in, so that’s a win-win in our book! Take this time to apply your favorite lotions and oils, bask in your fresh glow, and set your zen intentions for the rest of your day.

Happy relaxing! What do you do to care for yourself? Are you going to try one of our bath tips? Let us know in a comment below or tag us on social @shapermint.