Self-Love Series: WFH Superwomen

Let’s face it: A vast majority of us are working remotely, and have yet to find an ideal WFH-meets-life balance. Whether you’re raising a family, cohabitate with roommates, or live on your own, finding a middle ground without distractions but with all the everyday benefits you want is almost impossible to achieve. We’re here to help you practice self-care that will take your WFH experience from unbearable to inspiring. Read on for self-care tips perfect for WFH superwomen.

Tips perfect for WFH superwomen

Tip 1: Set boundaries between home and work
If you’re working from home, you know how tempting it is to take your laptop into bed. Although that sounds like a great idea (believe us, we’ve tried it), if you’re working from bed, you’re associating work with relaxation. You want to have a separation between the focus time you need to be productive and the moments you’re consciously relaxing. If you don’t have space for an actual home office, your office could be your kitchen countertop, a desk in your living room, or even a desk space in your bedroom.

Tip 2: Make a meaningful morning routine
Some of us are really into meditation nowadays. It’s a great way to set your intentions for the day and remember to breathe deeply and in a cleansing manner. Others like to go for a walk, enjoy a solid skincare regimen, or even clean our spaces. Keeping your home clean, your body moving, your skin massaged, and your mind open allows you to have an inspired and focused work day.

Set boundaries between home and work

Tip 3: Get dressed every morning
If you know anything about us, we’re all about getting dressed again. We’re all guilty of falling into the button down top-PJ pant combo on Zoom calls, but it’s time we get dressed head-to-toe. Ok we’re not going so far to say that shoes are a thing again, however, a cute pair of leggings, and a top we love with simple accessories, takes our look from drab business-as-usual to cute business casual. Plus, you can make early AM outfit decisions easy with a capsule wardrobe.

Make a meaningful morning routine

Tip 4: Stock your pantry with nourishing snacks
Especially when fun group work lunches are #cancelled for 2021, we rely super heavily on ordering takeout or grabbing whatever’s easiest between meetings. And let’s be real, not all of us are food prep queens. We suggest stocking your pantry with snacks that aren’t just healthy, you want snacks that are nutritious and will keep you full. We’re loving granola-yogurt combos, fruit and vegetable smoothies (heavy on the fruit), veggie chips, and when we’re feeling adventurous, a nice mocktail.

Stock your pantry with nourishing snacks

Tip 5: Take a break!
When you’re attending meeting after meeting. As your task list grows. For the unruly pings! You feel pressured to stay at your desk and available to your colleagues, until the day gets away from you. It’s important to remind yourself to take a break, and actually take it. Setting break times is a great way to check in with your body and mind. It’s a moment to make sure you’re drinking enough water, getting some fresh air, giving your eyes a screen break, or having a nice long stretch.

Today I Love you

Tip 6: Set a sleep schedule
Not to sound like your mom or anything, but girl, you need a bedtime. And you should try your best to stick to it! When life and work seem to be blending more than we prefer, it’s really tough to teach your brain to slow down and serve us some quality sleep. The best way to self-loving snoozes is by having a sleep routine. When that hour approaches: power down your computer, dim the lights, light some candles, and get your PJs on. We’re obsessed with setting up an easy, yet effective home spa situation, and floating into bed right afterward.

Set a sleep schedule

Want more self-care tips? Look no further!

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